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Kanzun originates from the Arabic word meaning Treasure. In Japanese, Kanzun means Complete/Perfect. Combined together, we have Complete Treasure. We believe that we have the complete combination of expertise to manage our Investors' and stakeholders' wealth into growing viable business ventures that will have exponential benefits to mankind.

We are a dynamic team of professionals helping SMEs and Start-Ups grow and prosper. We work with a multitude of ecosystem players to achieve business success and work towards a common goal, that is shared wealth creation while maintaining the fairness of transactions.

As the new dawn of technology emerges itself in the real economy, we start seeing real positive changes in how things are being run. The proliferation of dynamic and innovative business models requires investors to be astute with the development of trends and how well received these new innovations are in the market.

The emergence of Sharing Economy, such as GrabCar, AirBnB, ZeptoExpress to name a few are examples of successful collaborative economy involving the exchange of tangible and intangible with one another at scale.

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We aspire to be the Best Islamic Venture Capital Fund in Asia and across the world. We hope to bring together people from all walks of life to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas that could enrich our lives. Economic betterment of the Ummah is achievable through engaging ourselves and others with knowledge sharing, value adding activities and building networks. We hope to provide you with effective business solutions that is in line with Shariah and fair business practices. 



Our expertises covers the whole spectrum & Value Chain of Venture Capital (End to End) from Deals Origination, On-Boarding, Due-Diligence, Investment Structuring, Investment, Business Advisory & Consultancy, Post Investment Monitoring, Divestments and Others. 

Our services ranges from helping companies to strategize for growth, raise funds, apply for loan/grants to helping start-ups and other business services. We aspire to be part of proliferating growth of Islamic finance in Malaysia and worldwide. We humbly invite you to be part of our network of professionals so that we may leverage on each other's strength and strive for excellence.

We consider ourselves a Hybrid Investment Management Company, whereby we also provide Incubation and Hand-Holding Services to grow and nurture the businesses until they are ready to be successfully launched into the market. 

For Investments purposes, we look at Companies with Proven Commercial Viability, Sustainable Earnings, An edge in technology and Reliable and Trustworthy Promoters.  

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We Offer Shariah Compliant Investments Opportunities for Investors from All Around the World

We offer the best of Class Investment Offerings in the markets we covers, namely Emerging Markets in South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines, Brunei, Singapore). We then apply Shariah Compliant Investment structures to the business which we have carefully selected through necessary rounds of screening and due diligence.


Get the Best Expert Advices in Developing and Growing your Company

- Capacity Building via CMTC Services (Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Consultancy)
- Facilitation & Intermediary Services
- Market and Funding Access Services
- Incubation & Accelerator Services
- Commercialization Assistance



A Comprehensive Approach

We help SMEs by assisting you in your business development strategies, reviewing your financial fitness for funding/grant application, Company Valuation, Identifying areas of improvement and recommending solutions. We also provide SMEs business matching services with suitable GLC/agencies which would help propel your business further.



Cumulative Experience of 100 yrs in Growing Ventures

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Hj 'Azra'i is the Fund's first Angel Investor and carries with him more than 40 years of experience in growing and developing businesses to the point of success.

Hj ‘Azra’i Shu’ib, started his career with several banks & financial institutions, such as Bank Bumiputra (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Credit Finance Bhd., Amanah Factor Sdn Bhd., & Perwira Affin Bank Bhd. Later he managed his own construction, services and trading companies for over five (5) years. He continued his journey into the Government sector where he served with Small Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC); an agency under the purview of Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) for over six (6) years in various positions; among others are Deputy Director Enterprise Development Division, Deputy Director, Strategic Planning Division, Deputy Director, Financial Assistant and Monitoring and Regional Director, SMIDEC Northern Office.

Hj 'Azra'i is currently attached to Technology Park Malaysia and acts as a Fund Advisor and Angel Investor to KANZUN.

Hj 'Azra'i Bin Shuib
Angel Investor


Ahmad Zakir bin Datuk Wira Jaafar is the CEO of UMCIC (University Malaya Center of Commercialization & Innovation). He also previously heads the licensing department, also known as technology transfer office, of UPM under the division known as Putra Science Park. Zakir also administers and mentors UPM InnoHub, a market validation incubator, for UPM early stage technology startup spinoff companies. Currently Zakir mentors, using Lean and Customer Discovery methodologies, 58 UPM startups since the inception of InnoHub back in 2014. 12 of these UPM startups have raised more than RM13 million funds and in return paid licensing fees back to UPM.

Zakir is also no stranger to startup companies, particularly new franchise format companies. Zakir co-founded the 1901 Hot Dog franchise in July 1997. When he was the Executive Director of 1901 he was responsible for various departments within the company-ranging from Retail, ICT, R&D, Branding and to Business Development. From 2009 to 2010 he was the C.E.O & responsible for the entire daily operations as well as the growth of company. Currently 1901 has more than 20 outlets throughout Malaysia.

Ahmad Zakir B Ja'afar
Subject Matter Expert


Fara was in Venture Capital for 9 years and 5 years in entrepreneurship. She has screened over 1,500 companies from diverse sectors and stages.She has acquired the end to end experience of the Venture Capital Value Chain, from working with General Partner (GP - Fund Management), Limited Partner level (LP - Fund), Fund of funds to being an entrepreneur herself. Fara has monitored 11 fund companies with AUM of RM350mil and helped secure more than RM15mil worth of investment for 2 portfolio companies. On the international front, she has facilitated Malaysian retail investors secure real estate investments in Turkey, business development mission in Cannes, monitored and liaised with a fund manager in Hong Kong, investees in China, Singapore and a few investment related companies in the UK.

Wan Fara Ayu W Ahmad
Director & Chief Investment Officer

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Dato’ Amin is a Director of KANZUN and advises on matters pertaining investments in Technology, Biotech, Agriculture and Trading.

Dato' is also the Managing Director of a few businesses, namely Azwa Pharma Sdn Bhd, Uniti Asia Trading Sdn Bhd, Servco Cresst Sdn Bhd, (a technology transfer company focused on delivering innovative and industry driven models) and he is also appointed as the Independent BOD for MIG BioPharma Sdn Bhd. He was also the ex-CEO of KBioCorp, a state GLC Biotech Company focusing on Laboratory and Testing Services. His experiences in Biotechnology and IT makes him an indispensable reference point to the team.

Dato' Aminuddin Bin Shuib
Director & Advisor


Pn Ainur Mardhiah is in charge of the Operational side of Kanzun and assists the Investment Commitee on a day to day basis. She has exposure in the early education industry and advises on relevant business matters.

Pn Ainur Mardhiah 



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